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In the 00s, Camberwell College of Art, or The London College of Fashion brought a decent insight into the world of chaos which only London would offer. 

My room in the dorms of the university and then my 24M2 studio on Kingsland Road.

 Pupils were faced with self-proclaimed teachers, and art teachers were faced with students, often wilder than life ( between the lines). It was a 9am riot garanteed. Camberwell in Peckham in the 2000s equalled HOT times... Thank god I lived through that adrenaline, always racing on my bicycle. A few teachers had some past/present fashion & art credentials; however obviously not enough to make it the big shot they longed in secrecy. Thus given 1980s photographers as full-time teachers, isn't a tasty recipe, for you're given the gift of their frustration every morning (if they actually showed-up). 
My sketchbook cover during Camberwell days
When your tutor perspires liquor at 9am things are about to turn sour. My relationship with one of them was often heated, I recall him losing it on me, and strangely I hair brushed it over and covered my nostrils - Fuck'em.  Anyways what I gained from those Uni days were friends for life. 
Jiwon prepping the launch of AÏE in L.A and choosing what we'll wear at Trashy Lingerie

My long lasting relationship with my art partner the Korean artist Jiwon Yahng is an amazing heritage of those days. Jiwon is based in NYC, where she lends her skills as an embellisher, and costume jewellery designer and makes pieces on commission, sometimes she notices for the pop stars on the telly, like Kathy Perry wearing'em...And wonders...

An interpretation of me by Jiwon - Frames from a Giff

When AÏE magazine paper back comes out - Jiwon is part of the release and this from day 1. Usually during the launch of AÏE magazine, I'm on my knees begging my hand full of talented friends to lend their skills for videos, graphics, layout...for the promo - as we all know Promo is all. 
When you think you're done printing and stocking the magazine, well hell NO - you're onto Promo.

 Jiwon always gets the annual call. And there and then you see your friend. I don't need to alter anything. Our sense of telepathy is a very rare and highly precious case. Her exectution is perfection she puts my drawings to life in her amazing ways in Giffs or collages - Here they're uncensored. 
(IG took some down) 


Stills frames with my drawings by Jiwon

Another story...Polaroid by Ivory Serra, and art by Jiwon Jahng

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