Saturday, February 13, 2016


When I shop the hard earned cash, I splash. The heartbeat over high heels, takes over the heart attacks my bank account conveys.
Lately figures talks to hands, cos the face ain't listening. 
I only shop at night at Le Bon Marché on a week day, not too long before closure (strategy of The Brave & Broke). Its my sanctuary in Paris, like Neiman Marcus in L.A, so old school you're solo.  
 La Grande Epicerie (the food hall), is my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  

Les Galeries Lafayette or Le Printemps the other classic, historical Parisian shopping malls, never got it together despite recent and relentless efforts in targeting a fresh audience by fancy interior design refurbishements. Pretty indoors, specially for Lafayette's stunning dome, but they're far too over crowed, it disturbs princess' timed patience ;)

AI Wei Wei hanging above shoppers like a peaceful Buddha and the bat a magical creature.
 Le Bon Marché, is the quintessence of Rive Gauche, rough and refined. In other its words discreet and elegant, with its well measured dash of hostility which gives the Parisian historical mall this magnetic nonchalance. 

Thus, when Le Bon Marché thinks to diffuse art, and pave a route where art and fashion mingle and giggle, its outcome is an opus.  The Chinese artist AI WEI WEI is the guest at the Le Bon Marché. The light, delicate and poetic sculptures of imaginary creatures, hang in the air by hand crafted ropes. The pigs, dragons, fishes, soldiers are all based on AI Wei Wei's parallel world. The immortals beasts are made from Bamboo, paper and Silk.  
Ai Wei Wei and his Factory has le tout Paris embracing his fairytale.

Window Display - "TU ES ABSURDE PARIS" - lettering in Bamboo by Ai Wei Wei

 Viewed in the west as a creature of evil, the dragon in China is a symbol of immortality, perseverance, power and success. It was the emblem the Chinese emperors, the bearer of divine and imperial power. AI Weiwei's dragon is a messenger of energy, reassurance and hope.

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