Friday, February 12, 2016


Its been quite a journey reuniting with my ageing - yet juvenile looking blog, I haven't acknowledged my past in years ironically; to the point I was unfamiliar tonight as to how to update it, and wondered if the interface of Blogger still worked or whether I would literally feel inspired to type a few thoughts. 

To my bewilderment it is still functional, and though digitally absolutely passé, I'm delighted with the maladroitness of it. As AIE issue 6 - The Surrealist Issue - is published and printed, I can rest and write online and judge of the meander the production of AIE 7 will entail and hope it'll be as hilarious (and at times hideous) in the making as AIE 6 was. As a matter of fact I feel it might be an option to base the dreams, goals, and challenges of AIE 7 on HILARITY.
The French, LA based director Julie Delpy
comes as an inspiration to kick start another adventure. Whilst I dwell over and into inspirations and aspirations for the future of AIE 7 my online AIE-ZINE dairy will come in handy as an idea inventory. Thus my 2016 diary begins with the highly enriching visit to LA CINEMATHEQUE FRANCAISE which hosts wonderful exhibitions such as the current SCORSESE one. It means I'll be spending my weekend re-watching CASINO / RAGING BULL / TAXI DRIVER ... and discovering HUGO CABRET with the very young and stunning Chloe Grace Moretz - another dream girl. The picture of a picture, below is by the amazing photographer Brigitte Lacombe,
My picture is highly uninformative in regards to the scale of genius of her portraits and set photography, but by visiting the Scorsese exhibition at 

I discovered more of her work; a type of photography that would hypnotize any art aficionado. And by seeing much of her brilliance in this exhibition,  I now dream to interview Brigitte Lacombe.  Here is Leonardo DiCaprio on set in the studio with his stunning co-star Margot Robbie by Brigitte Lacombe.

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