Monday, February 24, 2014


In an urge for local cool clothing in Los Angeles,  and preferably looks à la T.L.C, I referred to my accomplice French kissed Harajuku fashion guru - Melle Tiffany Godoy. Evidently Tiffany knows the freshness from L.A and my adoration for the 1990's. 

Welcome to heaven - Its looks like hell.
Freak City L.A is windowless, quite dark, lit by coloured neons and lightbulbs. Its a shop in a club or vice verse - A club in a shop, so to speak. I feel like I'm entering a neon lit autopsy room, an illicit research laboratory and a nest of infinite creativity.
As I said - heaven.

 Tiffany advised me to head to Freak City L.A. Apparently it would suit me, conform to my questionable taste, deliver wonderful fashion faux-pas's, and all-in-all I'd truly acquire unique L.A hand-crafted pieces. 

As I looked into Freak city's website, It was like hearing Missy Elliot say "Get your freak on."I freaked out, choked on my Venti Chai tea Latte and in a heartbeat, I was out of Starbucks. I rushed my acolyte and jumped in the car. I told her heaven was close by on Hollywood Blvd.

"Brands will make her dance" I could not have word it better. Logo-victims, fashionistas, logo-lovers, this is the cream of the crop, and L.A's best kept secret - Honestly and literally.

This is the insane customised gear Vally Girl and Justin her right arm man create. Here are specially made-to-order and one-of-a-kind rhinestone incrusted Air Nike's.

I can't even begin narrating my hysteria upon seeing the guerilla Versace x Fubu collaboration, it was like smelling LL Cool J. I was hysteric. Fubu lives again !!

At the fore-front of Freak City's shop, lives a grimy stage, and the reminiscent of a happening night. This is home to the essence of youthful freedom. Unfortunately I wasn't able to witness M.I.A performing (one of their friends) or the likes of a wild child à la Azealia Banks or the MC Spankrock spit their enchanting venom to an "au fait"public. This is where ground breaking artists, performers, and drags unite to discharge their creativity. 
And now, I'm ruining it all by letting out the secret - This is East London - Its Hoxton in the 00's all over again.

The founding member Justin,
 from Freak City L.A

The cool entrance of Freak city L.A - Its one of those doors where the say"Too Cool For School" really works its magic. It truly is too cool.

My adrenaline rush was getting harder to contain. You knock, wait for the call and Justin pushes the button that unleashes the revolving metallic curtain. I in turn release my excitement and sincerely hug the musician, producer, performer, designer, entrepreneur...

Justin's mothers painting-in-progress. 
We're all baffled she chose Tupac to work her skills, but we all agree of its greatness.

Justin and Vally Girl from Freak City L.A
The duo, without concession my inspiration. 

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