Monday, February 24, 2014


All views below are taken from the stunning Getty Center.

Dr Timothy Potts the director of the Getty Center.

My man drove through me Mulholland drive on Valentines day - 14th -02 -2014 - will truly be unforgettable. We're in Los Angeles listening to Drake driving on the worm-like windy iconic road. He stopped the car, placed the blanket on the dirt road between two cypress. After a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2004 and under a full moon, overlooking a 280° view of Los Angeles we kissed, and kissed, and kissed...and kissed more. 
This tune will stay carved forever. 
Gemini's are the very best of the worst downfall...Too intense, too passionate, there isn't ever a fucking middle ground. Totally tortured souls who mean only the very best.

Jesse Jo Stark the singer and L.A royalty.

Jesse in my room at the Standard Hollywood - Perfectly improvised back drop, those Andy Warhol curtains and the Mark Fast dress to impress work wonders,  I thought.

A little Music for a joy ride - in a Jaguar F-Type.
I'm sure there is an infinity more but for now I can come up with this.

Mariah Carey: Always be my baby
Mariah Carey ft ODB : Fantasy
DRAKE: Hold on we're going home.
M.I.A - Bad Girls
DRAKE: Started from the Bottom
MACKLEMORE & RYAN ft Wanz - Can't hold us
FRENCH MONTANA ft Rickross : Pop That
ESTELLE: American Boy
BIG PUNISHER : Still not a player
DRAKE : Hold On We're going Home
DRAKE ft Lil Wayne - The Motto
BEYONCE: Love on Top
KANYE WEST ft Pusha T: Mercy
TYGA: Rack city
50 CENT: Just a little bit

My girl - holding tight through thick and thin

Jesse crossing the line...
Entering private property in Beverly Hills for the future feature wearing Mark Fast.

Holding tight on my little manhood left.
I learn to do everything on my own. Less people, less problems.

Jesse proving me right.

Jesse and I sitting on one anothers dreams.

My ultimate motivation - A Jag...forever LOVE Jaguar, or Porsche -

Leaving the Standard for a ride to Malibu.

Best logo alive.

My baby for the stay

The Villa...

Portraying my friend the divine actress Natalia Acevedo in Ambre's mansion in Beverly Hills.

Life alone is a whole new world of Selfies.

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