Monday, February 24, 2014


When you're staying on Sunset Blvd, or on Sunset - full stop - You're located in the heart of nothingness, and paradoxically of everything. Its like staying in the posh 8th district of Paris, instead of the hip Marais or Pigalle, which I take Los Feliz, and Silverlake and now downtown are the equivalent...To be Confirmed.

The Sunset Tower, nest of treasured memories.

Thus, West Hollywood is not where the action takes place, where hipsters park, but where mid aged single hard working people stay. And if you're European, its like being at home; more French than English was overheard. 

The Sunset Tower bar, possibly my favourite now with The Carlyle in NYC

We're two doors from the famous Château Marmont where Hollywood dynasties, L.A royalties, and artists touched by the grace of god, with an aura to seduce the mass reside and where only the elite heat the pavement that leads to it.
Commoners gaze from the Standard Hotel, where I reside, which is fun, but bloody loud. 

The Classic "Welcome Back" plate from the Sunset. I had an early Birthday that night...

So, I'm stuck between the Château Marmont on my right and the Sunset Tower Hotel on my left. This other mid 1930's gem is the classic, the refined, and the more inconspicuous L.A landmark, but none the less jaw droopingly beautiful. It is to Los Angeles what the Westminster Hôtel is to Paris on Place Vendôme. The pure essence of elegance and discretion.

We popped in one evening on our way for a walk, just to assess if its pretentiousness levelled with the Château. No razzmatazz or flashiness here, on the contrary - I was mortified seeing I had endorsed my T.L.C look ( cropped top, belly button showing, and XL jeans), a total faux-pas for the place. 
To this day I wonder how I was not dismissed from the lobby itself with a good spank, and asked to reflect on my dress sense.

 The Bar is subdued with a grand Piano and its buzzing with refined people - It was like being at the Carlyle in NYC all over again (my ultimate favourite). There is nothing cool about The Sunset Tower Hotel, its all sophistication. 

No...I didn't steal all the emblazoned cutlery or linen or headed paper from the hotel.
I was bewitched by the best Vodka Sour at the Sunset Tower.

A gift from the gentleman at the bar of the hotel, a person as noble as the place.

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