Monday, February 10, 2014


A ride for life on Sunset Blv. 
The Cadillac Escalade an old time favourite.
I am getting a little tired of the narly S.U.V. Never having owned one, I keep staring at it, and thinking...My oh my maybe one day if I had another whim to quench.
I ain't a G...(well that's to be verified) a Cadillac wouldn't suit me.

At Geoffrey's at Malibu...
Forgetting about my sins and hoping to ride others soon.
As Puffy would do:
"live your life without fear, and live your life without regrets"...
Easier said than done.

Riding through Palos Verdes with my girl.

Clint Eastwood's drawing at Goeffrey's.

Malibu beach, no one at the horizon, paradise.

Actually we spoiled it for the few lingering birds. A couple of girls who were picknicking were minding their own business. They were the only ones to witness that Carine, and I had finally touched paradise.

A doberman, chasing dreams...I didn't see any cats or poultry around. I wondered if Woody's say was right "What if nothing existed , and everything was someone els's dream, or that we were in some els's dream"

A very special thank you to Mr Burton, the generous and cool vice president of communications at The Clippers L.A
He invited the magazine to observe the best players in the arena of the moment. Griffin, Paul, Barnes, Jordan...and Co, smashed, crushed and shattered The Philadelphia Sixers by 120 to 69...
It was insanity for 2h30 hours, set shots, jump shots, and do I dare to say I saw countless slam dunks were my prize. The game was a constant joy chock from North, south, East and West of the Staple Stadium. I bounced of my seat every 4 minutes, resulting in a voice off today, and aching muscles.

I bumped into the unconditional Number 1 fan - Mr Goldstein. 
Jimmy was rather puzzled seeing me on his turf. Truly its the whole of Los Angeles backing the players from the Clippers, which aparently no one foresaw the rise in success - Only recently The Clippers have as much ovation and respect from the locals. I went on the recommendation of Jim, this I must confess. He told me one day in Paris ' If you make it to L.A, show up for Paul or Griffin" - Done.

And on a Basketball note: 
"If You accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, you will never change the outcome."
Nuff said - Michael Jordan.

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