Saturday, December 7, 2013


One of "My Girls", who isn't in the picture below, is Chloe Wilk-Martin, the stunning founder of Western Promises, the company that is representing Paris & World's finest. Chloe picks her projects with great care, and introduces talents to our generation, and to whoever wants to listen.

Regarding this matter, on Tuesday 3rd of November 2013, Chloe Wilk-Martin a.k.a Western Promises, booked Le Cinema Brady to host the documentary 12 O'Clock Boys directed by Lotfy Nathan. Chloe gathered the clan, the cool kids, and bright minds of Paris for the screening. 

A few days prior the screening, behind closed doors, where fun often lies, Chloe welcomed Lotfy Nathan with a Thanksgiving diner at home - La Classe, as we say in France - Chloe cooked a piece of America for us, and in turn we introduced Lotfy to a few French delicatessen.

12 O'Clock Boys documents a tenacious group of motorbike aficionados, eager to defy the laws of gravity, urged by the rush of adrenaline, and conscious of their enviable skills, in a hostile Baltimore. 
By lifting towards them 100 kilos of steel as far back as a clock indicates 12 O'Clock - IE  Wheelies -12 O-Clock boys became a Youtube sensation. If you can't visualise this move, just see it as the purest form of a vertical ride.

In every sport, where the ability of remaining alive is often unmeasured, and the consequences of a bad ending inevitable at times; what motivates a risk? 
Passion, respect and a quest for freedom. 
12 o'clock boys unites the 3. 

My gang.
Had I just come across this image, I would have thought it dated from the 1930's.

My friend the freshest creative director around. Melle Godoy, the mastermind behind the magazine, beauty online platform The reality Show. 

My girl, the fashion designer Erin Conry Webb

Making sure all the friends make it to the screening.

Lotfy Nathan, the director of 12 O'Clock Boys, (Not too sure how to handle the situation - torn between embarrassment and luck - either can't deny having fun); and AÏE demonstrating Paris nonchalance...what we call -Le Je m'enfoutisme !!

The artist Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, best middle finger ever.

The photographer Alexia Cayre and Chloe Wilk-Martin a.k.a Western Promises.

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