Saturday, December 7, 2013


I wasn't at Miami Art Bazel, neither was he. I wasn't dancing on the tables in Le Baron Miami Beach, neither was he. I wasn't reviewing the art, he didn't have a 40k booth at Miami Art Bazel (maybe Sonnabend, his gallery in  N.Y.C did).
Mr Yarber and I chose coffee shops, weed infused canals, and storms to discuss: 
Art, Sex, Drugs and Hollywood.

We're in stunning Amsterdam; minding his business, seeking the definition of "dreams", and "fantasy", and why we should never relinquish over the simple phrase: "Mind over Matter". Talking to Terry Gillian's inspiration, the director of the film 
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas was magic.

Robert Yarber, left his Amish neighbours in Pennsylvania, the hysterics of New York City State, and his pupils of The Pennsylvania State University where he teaches, to fly to Amsterdam for his exhibition, "Panic Pending"at Alex Daniels gallery. 

Robert Yarber's latest drawings, for the most in this show, are all coloured pencil and pastel. The outcome of coloured pencil have never looked this fabulous; I asked - 
"What is his favourite Pencil brand"?
 "The one I can never pronounce" - 
"I see...Caran D'Ache?" - 
"Yes that's it!!"

AÏE and Mr Yarber, conversed of Nepalese culture, hallucinogenic experiences in Peru led by Shamans, the consequences of dropping a bit of "Salt Bath"... In other words the kind of encouter that makes you want to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, again - And get it this time.
More to come the future issue of AÏE 

PS: This website for pencil geeks is amazing -

Thank you to the Alex Daniels gallery for the introduction.

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