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The features, and interviews produced in Amsterdam, were made possible due to the collaboration of the international Railway operator Thalys and Seven Bridges Hotel. 
Thank you for supporting publishers, artists and researchers from across the globe
Being a guest of Thalys was a privilege. 
Thank you.

The grand departure to Amsterdam at la Gare du Nord in the Thalys lounge.
Spreading my "ready-to-hunt-for-thrills" kit, I'm getting organised, and pampering myself, as AÏE's on a quest to Amsterdam on first class.

We're boarding the 10h25am train soon after the departure the treats arrive...By this I mean the Bar a.k.a The Fun - I debate tasting the wine. I'm frantically typing on my phone, organising stuff for the shoot with Sophie VAn Der Stap, the writer that inspires AÏE to head to Amsterdam.  Despite being advised by my girl not to pop a bottle, I listen to my heart. 
Always follow your heart in this context, your brain, your intellect, your responsibility, your civic duty, and the protocol will fail you. 

The destination at sun set...Amsterdam

Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous remind us to always choose Fun over Pressure.
Eventually I unwined in the train and had a glass of wine.

My girl and I arrived after a cool drive in a classy Mercedez. Though AÏE likes Jaguar's first, Cadillac's second, BMW's third - a Mercedez blasting Missy Elliot was irresistible.

As the driver slows down, we turned the music down, looked onto a charming street, wished we had arrived, and in exhilaration we realised we had reached our hotel. Seven Bridges faces the canal, is tucked between a fancy coffee shop and a little bridge, in other words - Heaven.

Seek no more, Seven Bridges hotel is situated in a fairytale-like neighbourhood. It's so pretty you're not even interested in checking the gritty side of the city, where usually the thrills and the cool culture arise. 

We were nesting in a 1710 dutch townhouse, greeted by Günter and his partner, treated as if I was Hermione from Harry Potter. I choose J.K Rowling fantasy novel expressly, as I felt in a wizarding world in the hotel. 

The view outside the front door.

At night outside our hotel

Foreseeing everything is going to be just fine on the marble chimney before breakfast. Gunter, from the Seven Bridges hotel, being quite a connoisseur in interiors, bought this 1890 empire table at Christies, it was stunning. 
 We were told The Queen Beatrix Wilhemina has a similar one.
 Little may it matter shown in this fashion, but when you're told an additional chapter of the history of "your dining table" when breakfast arrives, you start examining it, and behave like a monarch!

The photographer Sophie Ebrard, and a newly mommy !!! feeding her son in our room.

My muse, in an attire made-to-measure for her in the hotel room.

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