Saturday, December 7, 2013


 My thoughts over Amsterdam don't hold in my cortex, hence there is little chance they fit in a few lines...I was muted by the beauty of the city.
Only Paris to me eyes detains the crown of universal beauty, little did I know the city of tulips was another gem.

I'm overwhelmed by the sympathy of the people; polite and attentive, a recipe for success.

Discretion as always makes everything a little cooler.

The Seven Bridges Hotel, is a 5 star nest, located in the heart of Amsterdam, in the best part of town.

Our Neighourhood, I was told Amsterdam looks a little like New-York...Indeed there is a "je ne sais quoi"

The consequence of the storm, as we arrived.

The Rick's Museum - two blocks aways from our nest.

I love the graphics of the uniforms of working men.

The entrance of the Rick's Museum which was just renovated and re-opened in April 2013 after 10 years of renovation. Its gorgeous.

Local delicatessen...
I'm not a fan at all, it simply does not work for me, but my girl seems to approve the locals tradition.

Strolling down our street, heading for diner.

Inspired by the Red Light District
 Playing dress-up for the near future. 
I love Agent Procovateur.
Their B-day present costume, is the best.

The girls...

Hot girls...

Fancy cakes in the window display...

Cheese !!!! AÏE love love love cheese!! specially theirs.

The Rick's Museum...

As we're walking outside the Sven Bridges Hotel, we converse by the canals. We actually had take-away to have supper in our room. We watched The Never Ending Story part 1 - I think I'll give Part 2 a rest...Children's movies are for children for a reason, they don't apply to our intellect 20 years later. They're actually a bloody bore!! 

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