Saturday, October 12, 2013


 When you arrive late, worked out from an enduring day, dragging you're feet, you're five garment bags, drenched from a tropical rain, and cursing weather forecasters for promising a mild evening, inevitably life sucks.
I saw a glass door and a door bell name - Willem. The facade of the town house, had me a little intrigued. Mr Willem opens the door, rushes us inside. I remove my visor, and My oh My...
I felt, like Belle, when Beast unveils the library of his castle. My jaw dropped, and suddenly the burdens of life vanished.
This was my room, courtesy of the Leopold Boulevard Hotel. 

Mr Willem, the gentlemen who partly backed us on this feature, owns this treasure. 
"Room", is in fact an inappropriate noun to describe this jewel, it was my dreamed  apartment. The features of the Boulevard Leopold Hotel beats, hands down, any luxury hotel I've had the chance of checking into. 
Even the antique bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, was the size of a miniature pool for me, I'll let you imagine the size of the bed...

My Hogan by K.Lagerfeld trainers, I photographed them because the photographer thought they were hideous and atrocious, now I am wondering if I can assume of possible fashion faux pas? YES I L.O.V.E them. 

Since the Boulevard Leopold was so elegant and cosy, I thought of bringing Walter Van Bereindonck to be interviewed and portrayed  here. David Ledoux and legend Walter in heavenly gardens.

Stylishly stacked wood, in case I would have the sudden whim of making a chimney fire in my room.

I thought this was amusing. Martin Willem collects antique religious crosses, and this local star was portrayed at Boulevard Leopold, sporting one of them. Mr Willem told me the director's inspiration for the story, were PETA campaigns.

Hugging Walter Van Bereindonck, so kawaii. L.O.V.E Walter, more to come soon in AÏE 5

Below are pictures from the show at the MOMU, which Walter Van Bereindonck curated. Its about 50 years of fashion in Belgium and a celebration of the Royal Academy. 

For Antwerp Six and Martin Margiela fans, its a must. The current work of the students of the academy is insane, I hope these pictures can convey my enthusiasm for you to see it.

Outside the MOMU- Walter's latest collection.

Opening of the show

The semi-sphere inside the museum. I think I witnessed the biggest collage. This prodigious installation has cuttings from the 1980's and1990's ultimate references - Blitz and The Face. 

Awe-inspiring works from the Academy's graduate students.

 Entrance of the show. Its restful entering a place like the MOMU, unlike walking into an over crowed museum, heading to an overly mediatised show, such as the disaster at the Met in New York for the Punk exhibition.

Walter Van Bereidonck is part of Antwerp Six. These designers were responsible for putting Antwerp on the fashion radar since the 1990's. Their success literally changed the cities's infrastructure, having students from across the world stay in Antwerp to assist their weekly tutorials at the Royal academy of Antwerp.
The show at the Academy is also amazing, and curated by Walter. It retraces 350 years of fashion. 

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