Saturday, October 12, 2013


I love trucks, adventure, and real men. So I welded my passion, and met-up with another real dude, David Ledoux. 
I searched for the photographer, who could:
- A) Handle me a few days 
-B) 0 sense of diva-ish bullshit 
and with:
C) On the road reportage photography experience.
 Self-confident as I was about it all, David initially tried to humble me and said:
 "You're ready to zone for hours, maybe days on motorway resting zones, for the right light, the right guy, and the right truck no matter rain, freeze or shine?" I smiled and begged:
"Take me where I can breath full on testosterone, I bloody well lack of it in my life, no matter what it take's." 
- Done, we're off. 

David and I are taking our sweet time to head to Antwerp, and beyond. Every time we pass a resting zone, I shamelessly feel the exitment an 8 year old experiences upon arriving at Disneyland. 

We're producing a reportage on truckers, investigating their cabins like custom officials, ( but way cooler) interrupting their work, and hopefully showing them a good time. 
We arrive arms armed of good and fun life. 
For once, its in
reversed roles, manhood seems a little set aback by a cheerful female, gazing into their world.
I'll leave it to this for now...See the rest in a few month.

kicking it on the roof top of a truck

Belgiums delight, at a Truck shop.

The Dutch driver, Michelle sporting his kids shoes in his cabin.

David and I's code name for this mission is 
Here is his Opel Astra 1998. 
David adore's it because its the official 1998 World Cup vehicle, and there is a huge original sticker proving it.
So every time I gaze into Bmers, comment on a Porsche, point at a Range Rover, cry for a BMW, I'm reminded we have to stick to a"low profile" car and lifestyle...
So I'm learning to L.O.V.E David's Opel Astra 1998 and our portable radio station, fitted purposely for the trip. Its blasting Hip-Hop and R&B mixe's I find in petrol stations, so that the truckers know when we're here;)

Michelle and I (half in PJ's), in front of his truck.

Pink save's the day.

Pointing at the Catholic cross. Sad truth told, they do need the holly protection.

Truckers ignoring us, for the food fest time.

When the dream day will come, when I can head to India and meet Indian truckers...

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