Thursday, October 17, 2013


It was politically incorrect to style the writer Miss Van Der Stap with a silk scarf on her head.
 Thinking about it retrospectively, the girl spent her early twenties wearing wigs, scarves, hats, and shaving her head. Sophie was trying her best to seduce the other by impersonating another, when she selected 9 wigs that would accompany her 9 lives.
Whilst Sophie was busy fighting, I was busy stripping, and the only thing we had in common, was that we exploited our burdens to the sound of music. 
Though she didn't broadcast her cancer at clubs, the illness gave her the tool to become "9"girls. This reality, like any hardcore ordeal we face, (and wish our favourite enemies to never go through these) forges us, and ultimately changes the entire perspective of what we had envisaged for our lives.

Sophie doesn't gives too hoots for now, about her"ex -illness" or "former life-battle"if you prefer. She wrote the adventures that came along being hot, with a life threatening disease, and her novel the international best-seller, " The girl with 9 wigs", is now adapted to the silver-screen. Consequently, Sophie is now writing about sudden fame, and how it sucks (Sorry if the sum-up is literary primitive, I have little insight about the novel).

In resumé, the novelist is catching up on her time that slipped out of her control, and is busy being seductive with her own blond locks...

More over in AÏE 5 

Thank you to Le Boudoir for lending this fly Louis Vuitton archive piece.
Thank you to Hugues the cat.

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