Friday, October 11, 2013


Its all, but a hard knock life for Melle Le Tan, specially when you're raised with a silver spoon in your cute, full mouth. 
Even in regards to looks, Melle Le-Tan was spared by the gods. A full-on undercover sweetness, understates the powers of a possible "friendly"dominatrix, if these two words can sit side by side together...Anyways...I met the designer, regarded for the felt purses, which are based on book covers. 

This is wonderful, now O.L has me judge a book by its cover, as I'm baring in mind she could reinvent it, in the shape of a clutch.
Well-read A-list actors such as silver-screen goddess, Tilda Swinton; IT-editors (besides me ... Yes, out we go with the handkerchiefs - oh F****; and Yeah, props to myself for considering myself an"It-editor!) and IT-girls sport an O.L minaudi√®re.

I met Olympia as she was tip-toeing and trotting right, left and centre in her amazing PINK studio, fixing last minute details for her SS14 runway show. 
I remained truthful to the protocol and didn't capture any of the SS14 pieces prior to the show. Hence the Le-tan dynasty printed trench coat is stuck in my mind, and the desire of acquiring it, is vivid to the point of being oppressing!!

I contained myself from over congratulating her. In retrospect I should have, f**** it, at least for her inventive, fascinating and irrestible design work...But I bit my lips in order to avoid the foolishness of a die-hard fan, I played it real British, and told myself "contain your spirits Alexandra for the queen's sake"!!! 

OL curtains - L.O.V.E

O.L's book cabinet - L.O.V.E

O.L's rolls of printed linen- L.O.V.E. 
Hats off to her father Mr Le-Tan for the stunning illustrations. If you are unaware of who the father of Melle Le-Tan is, you're missing the point on the father and daughter body of work, so you should Wikipedia - Pierre Le-Tan.

Olympia's type writer -L.O.V.E

The posters of IT-girls, It-editors, in other words, all Olympia's IT-friends - L.O.V.E

Just a mini peek at Olympia's inspiration for SS14- L.O.V.E

How good is this wall lamp, too kawaii. The lady is cross-eyed - L.O.V.E

and pulling faces L.O.V.E

Father and daughter collaboration, SS13 reminiscent pieces in the studio -WANT ( sorry would like) L.O.V.E

Why I can now openly judge a book for its cover. L.O.V.E

Pierre Le-Tan's drawing L.O.V.E

The book, I'd choose for mon papounet cheri.

One of Olympia's desk's L.O.V.E

I love you dad. AA sounds cool actually by the looks of this book. L.O.V.E

To die for wall paper matching the curtains - L.O.V.E

 Because every default is a charm-L.O.V.E

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