Thursday, September 19, 2013


I'm slightly hungover this morning, as it was my sisters birthday. 
Not that anyone is remotely interested, which is legitimate. I'm merely a Versailles born, bred and boring chick this morning. 

Anyhow, It was "The heritage weekend" in Europe. This means that you are granted access into every high ranked state office where the god fathers of politics work, make tremendously serious decisions, and pay for mid afternoon teasers...(undeniable)

Here in Versailles, every morning, at l'Hôtel du Département, men in suits take themselves for Napoleon. 
They look up the four corners of their room, to see Napoleon's emblems, the eagle and the bee. This way they're boosted every morning with greater self-esteem and fictional super-powers, which enables them to decide of other peoples fate.

My office, is in fact rather nice too, with a nice plastic bin, a crooked chair, and an ancient lamp, but I do decide for myself...Even though it occurs here and then that I make the wrong decisions. 

Blasted, come to think of it, perhaps I do need a golden cage with a fancy waist paper basket, and a cool assistant...

Me, my jacket and royal carpet.

My lamp, does not beat this insanely beautiful crystal chandelier.

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