Friday, October 25, 2013


If you set your ambitions high, here is a tip. Instead of pretending you know what you're doing, just listen. After all a little naivety doesn't kill, though curiosity did kill the cat...Now that is a pickling situation.

Anyhow as long as we learn from them, type away their engagement and their fight for the well being of our planet and of the future generations. 

Meeting Commander of the British Empire, Katharine Hamnett meant entering politics, sociology, philosophy, climat change, nuclear weapons, rainforest conservation, crooked government, life threatening lies by politicians, anarchy, and Fukushima's desastrous UNTOLD consequences for the future generations. 

It was preferable to listen. 
I remained fascinated by the women who is never at a loss for words. Naturally this is an inside-joke, KH is legendary for her slogan T-shirts. Katharine Hamnett is a designer, who set the tone upon meeting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sporting her slogan T-shirt"58%don't want Pershing", in reference to the opposition against the installation of Pershing missiles in Great-Britain. 

 We had not began the seriousness of the topics on board for this article, that Miss Hamnett was impersonating Posh's pout. I had not heard "Posh Spice" uttered in ages, (long live Great-Britain.) and little did I think it was via Mme Kamnett's sense of humour I was going to.

More about the Katharine real fight in AÏE 5.

Posh Spice's pout.

Dame Vivienne Westwood sporting Katherine's slogan t-shirt.

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