Saturday, October 26, 2013


I love gloomy grey day's, and London offers a unique sight of them. Its research day for the Punk culture article we're building and thus, the expertness of Steve from Rellik on Golborne Rd, saved the day.

 Rellik, brought me back to my teenage years, when I would examine Katie Grand's shopping guide in the Sunday Times, and Rellik was part of the 10 commandments. 

After a long debate and convincing teenage bullshit, Dad bought me a pair of Vivienne Westwood sandals, too big for me then, too big for me now. I guess the exhilaration and the urge to own them had reached such a climax, that my father must have felt sorry for me -A fashion victim was born.

Steven pulled these babies, as I begged for Westwood platforms. Those are the eminent Vivienne Westwood platforms style, Melle Naomi Campbell fell over during a V.W catwalk in 1993, Unfortunately due to a daily schrinking foot, now down to a 34, these babies were really too big.

 Rellik, for the few that may not know, is nested amongst this amazing council building.

 Steven dived into his locked to the public archive. He was adorable, maybe he too, like my father saw the exhilaration in my eyes. He allowed to endorse this shirt from the Seditionaries collection. This doesn't happen - ever - never - ever. 

As if this enriching historical fashion talk didn't suffice, Steven suggested I head to the Victoria & Albert Museum as the show Club to Catwalk is on. I followed the masters guidance.

I was breath taken, the show Club to Catwalk has the ensemble"Pakis In Outer Space" by Leigh Bowery featured in AÏE 4 - courtesy of Kim Jones.

My beloved friend, the artist Gordon Flores helped me build this character, by creating the mask.

Ensemble by Pam Hogg - L.O.V.E

This refers to your outerwear. Would your attire be daring enough to enter the close knit of coolness Michael and Gerlinde's world imposed?
 Seeing my allure today, I would have been sent to bed.

South Kensington equals to naughty 20's, with nose bleeds from wild nights and millionaire costumers warning me of it at daytime. However I was a devoted part time sales assistant at Joseph.

 My manager, Jackie embraced the wild child in me, eligible of being dismiss. Was she in love? No idea, but for sure, I was, and the only reason I would pull myself together to look smart on the infamous shop floor of 77 Fulham Rd, wasn't to seduce silly rich girls into buying a crocodile bag, it was for Jackie. 

As far as I was concerned, no matter how important costumers were, they would have to deal with my liquor soaked breath and grinding teeth.

I mean check the chick...Who could resist this.
Eventually hardcore stiffer bits of the opposite sex, were convincing joys of life too.
 However, Jackie is the only person in this world I could become submissive to. She makes me sweat. Today was an emotional reunion in the basement of 77 fulham road.

My bedroom at the Zetter Townhouse hotel...loving it. Long live Great-Britain

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