Thursday, October 24, 2013


I popped at Machine- A- in Soho, as I recall my friend Gabriella Marina Gonzalez stocked her dazzling high platforms there.  

It so happens that its OK to live in the country side. As Versailles is willingly fashion limited, garments labelled as"cool", are banned or burned. 
In fact you start thinking that your being cavalier sporting colourful Weston mocassins, or Aigle x Liberty print welly's. Versailles likes it simple sober and monotonous. Voilà.

 So eventually when you do cross the Channel, both genders and LGBT's are very eccentric to me in this part of the world. 

I collect socks, and sow-on patches.
 I'm building quite a habit around them, but the pathological obsession is leading to an extensive collection.
 I had to have these spanner socks by Alex Mattsson and as I'm a supporter of Liverpool Football Club, by lineage, I had to get these socks.

Gorgeous George 


London essential - Wah Nails...
Simona who did the brilliant job, said to me:
"I've seen, and heard many request's from our clients, and I thought I'd seen it all. But you do baffle me, I haven't yet been asked to draw a vagina on nails." Well I said, now you know how  to interpret my idea of a pussy à la Keith Haring. Because lets face it, nothing looks better than a good trimmed pussy !! AÏE magazine is pussy driven, and pussy born. 

My new logo for AÏE...well part of it.
Pussies do it better.

Essentials of life - make sure you drink enough of it for your well being.

Liverpool Football Club scarf for dad, because its the greatest club in the world...
(Though we are owned by Americans!!)

At Sir Quentin's studio, that chapter will arise in AÏE 5.

My hero, our hero, and definitely the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's II -
I thought being knighted a few weeks ago would be a little ego boost...Not really.
 Sir Quentin, would thinks an OM is way cooler. 

(Order of Merit) 

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