Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There is nothing more gratifying than an enhancing accessory. One you think you can live without, only that comes in highly handy, and when its pleasant to the eye, you're destined to cherish it.

 Its a strap to be utilised in your daily routine, if you're a photographer, or a social observer, however be advised, an SFK camera straps will spur a few compliments, as they're pretty noticeable around your neck or your wrist.

OK...But how could a camera chain have so much appeal? Simply because Sarah Frances Kuhn, excels in creating an accessory so obvious of utility.

 She's an expert behind the matter. After having spent countless dawn's and dusk's at the office, as an accessory editor for Teen Vogue, Sarah Frances Kuhn has finally put her expertise into creating a concrete object. Sarah spent enough time at Teen Vogue to know what is witty, what is brilliant, and how to make it useful.

This strap is a mild example of her imagination, of her talent and of her practical sense. 

I love it, wouldn't shoot without it !

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