Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yesterday at the coveted Hôtel Bristol, was the launch of Philippe Terrier-Hermann's opus.
The concept and the content is monumental, and the process leading to execution is biblically long. What seems to be depicted in American Tetralogy, is the process of recreation. One is drawn to imagine you're behind the scene, but in reality nothing is being filmed, only the set is build like a theatre décor. 

Philippe Terrier-Hermann made it in L.A; not yet as a director which I deduce is his goal, but as a stargazer. He conducted this book in four acts, casting movie majesties such as Sharon Stone. The result of this fictive backstage, or illusional offstage, is a book and a film which translates role play through unclouded photography. 

Where the future lies, is where fascination resides. Philippe Terrier-Hermann's project will become gargantuan when his collaboration with CBS springs. CBS is the firm that could cause us to crash in a Los Angeles highway, by staring at their colossal billboards. (A crash occurs if a sex gorged Calvin Klein ad surges). 

The relation between the mogul CBS and Philippe Terrier- Hermann, is that upon making PART II of his book, which will be raised in France, every single billboard from Normandy to Marseille will feature a scene from his up-and-coming book.
What a witty coincidence, considering Marseille is elected European city 2013.



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