Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Helmut Newton, remains the future and the present in terms of image making. Commonly countless glossies, and artists apply his taste, his images, and his ideas for their spreads. His vision was so intact and the impact is still superbly poignant. He conducts the communications between two bodies in a fashion that remains brilliantly cutting-edge. If his intention was to render the viewer weak on his knees he's mastered it with blaze of glory.

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We were building a still life for the IVth and coming issue of AÏE magazine. 

I loved this Moschino S/S13 coat so much. I thought it was the spitting image of the transition between a posh school girl, and a lost domestic cought in the eroticism of 1960s porn films. 
The dress or the coat, however you're intending to wear it, is fully transparent hence your thoughts do wonder into the nostalgia of the Flower-Power era. Its made out of a look-a-like mesh square patchwork, with sowed silk flowers on the wrists and neck. Its a gem of a piece. Here is my interpretation of a modern valet.

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