Monday, February 18, 2013

Le Musée Rodin, is another wonder amongst the countless treasures of Paris. 

The Rodin museum does advocate its pride in being self funded, yet its distinct they could do with a few more visitors. The inside of the palace is looking dull, sad, and uninviting. You'll walk past a painting of Claude Monet or Auguste Renoir, without barely noticing them. 

They're hanging there matter-of-factly as though they were local finds from a flee market. Its a gost-like atmosphere, where all the sculptures sit enthroned on their original rotating tables. Aside from suggesting to re-evaluate the curators position, if there is any, or close the Museum for refurbishment, the sculptures, the garden, the infamous Thinker and the newly renovated Chapel is worth the detour. 

The facial expression, the body structures, of the sculptures in the garden will inevitably take you into a journey and convey emotions.
Support the Museum...before it really falls into pieces.


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