Monday, January 21, 2013

The useful thing about having an on and off duty dude, is that you feel what is manly and cheesy looking. Girls in touch with aesthetics can judge a faux pas in a blink of an eye; and a faux pas in men's fashion, is a potential ending to the story. 
Yes...I'm for real. 
Get it straight; know how to dress and you'll get layed.

Now in this context, all you media frenzy, art intellectuals, music aficionado, wannabees curators, street savvy babes, publishers, dealers...Think and thank PIGALLE.  

We owe it to Stephane Ashpool for leading the way into menswear that is refined yet manly. If it takes your girlfriend 30 minutes to look like a million dollar babe, that's natural. 
You on the other hand, you're challenge in life, is to look like 007 in 5mn.

PIGALLE is the answer.
Your geezer will look the chisnick without sacrificing rent. It's combination of mohair, wools, capes, and velour's are on point, the colour bracket is a touch Versailles like (sorry for the recurrent ref) and the overall, with mountain or desert boots makes the PIGALLE man look tough and tight. 

Fact is, though the styles are universes apart, PIGALLE is to Paris what Supreme was to New York City 15 years ago, or if you like, PIGALLE is to Paris what Palace is to London. 

You can't compare the one another, only the impact of these contemporary future cult houses on the female gaze is the following :  
"You're cool, whats your name? Where do you come from...?PIGALLE... whats that all about?". Trust - the rest will be history.

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