Monday, January 21, 2013

I've been an admiror of Aurel Schmidt for as long as I've discovered her at the cult former gallery Deitch Projects in New York, so quite a while now.

Spectacular, mind blowing, jaw-droppingly beautiful. Every possible positive attribute you want to add to an artwork you praise, is how I can explain Aurel's work. 
The reason why I'm tackling Aurel, is in fact to speak of her friend, Tim Barber, the New York based photographer that le tout New York and beyond, has put a stamp of approval on, which he seriously merits. 
So when you put two bloody awesome, and daring artists together, these images are the consequence. 
Photographs of the intimacy of a couple, who seems to obliterate the presence of the photographer, whom in turn, is crystallising the most caring, loving, and stress-less routine a couple in phase has the chance to live. I've only very rarely seen such purity in the act of sex, which is very hard to depict since the fine line between schumt and erotism is terribly thin.

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