Monday, January 21, 2013

On a personal note, I am not really that seduced by Ed Templeton's drawings; yet I believe I'm pretty alone to think so, considering where Ed's at. 

But one thing I'm mesmerised by is his eye. 
Due to his recent show MEMORY FOAM at the Robert & Tilton gallery,  I've looked into his vision of the late 80's and 90's in Huntington Beach California and other places. 
The way he depicted youth, with an intense sense of authenticity and sensibility is frankly, ( sorry for the soft touch) - moving. 
For the Versailles born and bread, semi well travelled and USA obsessed chick, I was totally astonished by the melancholy of these photographs. 
Those healthy bodies ( or not - but one can't really read that too much, that is not Ed's point anyway), those sexy, careless,  and so divine bodies, made me wonder why could I have not been one of those babe's !! Instead I've had to contemplate all my life the wealth of aristocracy. ( No protest please - I know - Versailles is kind of pretty).

I've had this urge to go to MARFA - Texas - for a while, but as America goes, with its countless wonders, I ought to live at least another 60 years (and with medical progress, I don't wish to know) to see a 10th of the land of milk and Honey. 
Having said this, I need to proceed to the Dallas Contemporary where the Inez & Vinoodh show was held - its ended recently. 
But the Dallas Contemporary looks ├╝ber appealing.

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