Thursday, February 25, 2016


Way Back when the second issue of AÏE magazine ( Archives-Icons-Ethos) had come out. I had styled the rapper Joe Starr, and chose to place him on the cover. And here is...Moi chasing dreams and finding it at Le Palais de Tokyo, the ultimate Art Reference. 
This was taken a few years ago by my beloved mother. 
Nowadays, not much has changed, still chasing dreams...
I've just published the 
- AIE #6 - The Surrealist Issue -

Way back when I would amuse myself by weighing AIE #2 featuring Ara Starck, Charlotte Olympia, Julie Verhoeven...etc.

I never position them, or change positions when it comes to bump into AIE magazine.
Therefore I'm always so thrilled to see how and where I find AÏE across the globe. This was in Brooklyn way back when...AIE #1 came out, and little did I know what I was doing, and what I getting into. You live you learn. That is the beauty of it. 

Only yesterday, when I popped into the iconic, chick and oldschool Drugstore Publicis on the Champs-Elysées I saw my logo bounce of amongst the other publications.

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