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 I've had to dash and hustle the streets but before I go I often remember...And try regardless the odds to
Be Cool Stay Cool - Love Ugly. Ugly are usually the cream of the crop. I suddenly recall handing this drawing to one of my lovers. I keep giving my drawings away and regret sometimes because I can't tell if they care as much. People hardly appreciate things when they're given.
 Precious time at the Hotel Metropole in Venice during the Biennale.

Pussies need compassion too. 
I have a passion for pussies as I have been drawing them in all shapes, sizes, hairy or bold. I don't think penises are pretty. Penises are too funny, where as I see beauty in fannies. 
I prefer to draw complicity between girls, as that is rather rare, and they have pretty long hair. 
I like to draw the wittiness that goes into a relationship between a man and a girl though, if they're smart enough to make they're past-time fun and sexy. 

When I used to collaborate on drawings with my other half...

The one and only queen - Pussy Kate - There only one queen in England.

I've made cut outs of Kate Moss forever. Specially when I was a teenager, adulthood clears away a few dreams. Instead of listening to the fatal 2hours math lesson, which literally would be a torture and disastrous waist of time for me, I would build collages and try and make myself invisible.

 Isabelli Fontana my memory fails me over...the other one Ah yes, Angela Lindvall.

As I sat in class, usually close to a window, at the back  I'd slip out my magazine and scissors and dive into another world. The dreamland where I should have been right there and then instead of being at school in my opinion. Dressing Kate in a studio. (Bless)

During a shoot for AIE 3 in 2012 - dressed in Manish Arora.

Countless times my scissors and most precious THE FACE (magazine) were confiscated. This was a DISASTER- You could NOT get THE FACE in France. I'd literally cry, and it was a very truthful cry. "Everything - Anything BUT NOT MY MAGAZINE." 

We would eventually find a compromise. Teachers were often surprised about my reaction. Teachers never sized they're importance to me. I think for the most, they would see the emotional damage that they would cause me by throwing them away. They would try to reason me by saying its only paper...

But I had a Math teacher who had given up on me as much as I did on mathematics. He was famous at school for being a cunt to students, and everyone feared him, even the very god pupils, even the match mavericks. He was like the absolute totalitarian. In fact his surname was Monsieur Hiller, I believe he didn't like teenagers.

Dani De Vito in Batman as Penguin, that's like Mr Hiller

Miraculously professor Mr Hiller let me do my undercover crafts under the radar. I think he had a lot of sympathy for me because I was been brave from day 1. 
I do remember proving my wittiness, and I recall being so scared of him, that I actually braved to tell him right at the beginning of the year ( before lesson 1) that I was so hopeless in maths, that it would be really cool and humane of him,  not to humiliate me, or make fun of me in front of all the class when he'll see the result after a mathematics test. 0/20 always...one day I even got a  -5/20. My father (so did I truthfully) wondered how that was even possible.

Kate in my Peace and Pussy collages.

The one and only single solo pussy in this game...
No breaking rules and traditions here. 
I travel solo. I build things, like magazines, and exhibitions recently solo. I never dare to ask for help.
 I lay in bed solo, like everyone in business trips, and find it boring. So since its a long ass time always traveling alone, I feel its important once in a while not to lose track of time, and of what I do, and inform myself of how I looked there and then. This self-portrait was taken at La Bulesca, in Padova (Italy) May 2015.

After a 3hours train ride from Milan. I was getting ready to be taken out to a dinner in the countryside. Which was one of those amazing moments one can count on fingers.
What happened then in my country suite, is simply surreal. So insane its crazy I'm here alive to write the story. 

  Jessica Miller - Collage in progress for the Rough and Raw show.

I returned to my suite quite tipsy, around 4am. We had danced in group at the local Brazilian bar ( I thought it was hilarious, I actually had never experienced dance group).  I lay on the bed, put on my headphones to listen to a podcast, when suddenly the huge, stunning chandelier hanging above the bed fell off and broke into a million crystal pieces!!!

 Maybe the Italian mafia wanted me dead, but an angel spared me.What an enlivening experience, all that broken crystal was so beautiful, I wished I had taken a picture. I wonder nowadays if the couple in the suite above might be responsible. A lot of bouncing was going on, on that moonlight night.

At La Bulesca hours before the chandelier drop.

The AIE patches that my fine lady made with passion in Paris for my possy and the Ofr show in January 2016. 
I chose the felt, and drew my log.  Then I rely on the savoir-faire and technique of my treasured friend Jany. She's been embroiding patches for over 30 years, I've sent my logos to a few companies to make iron-on logos - none can do it so accurately as Jany.

My zine/magazine collection is on sale in the link below, aside being on the shops worldwide.
Aside for AIE 1/2 sold out all the issues if you collect are at KD press 

When my possy asks for help, specially if they require my creative energy, I'm there first in line -
 I drew this invitation for my Parisian very clever pussycat who deserved a custom made invitations for her epic B-day bash.

Work in progress...For the land of Flower Power - 
The Rough and Raw AIE show in Rotterdam. I've never been to Rotterdam - I can't wait !!

"Sea-pussies" work in progress. 
All sensual sea creatures inhabit my mind lately.

Heavently creatures such as the iconic model Leaticia Casta float my boat. Collage in homage to Laeticia Casta is in Progress for the Rough and Raw AÏE show in Rotterdam.

  Jessica Miller another favorite creature.

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