Sunday, April 6, 2014


I found this letter from when I was doing work experience at Pop Magazine in London, then conducted by KG...Horrific times. 

I lived of crisps, Mozzarella (the cheapest - the roughest from Tesco, partially still frozen inside) and Pear cider. I only drank Pear Cider for a while, and wondered why on earth I blew up they way I did. I would savour one bag of crisps - if possible Thai chicken flavour - The McCoys, drink the cider and get a few smokes...How bizarre!! 

I doubt I made an impression, in the refined perfume scented EMAP building, the elevator moment, was of course an ordeal too. Girls already taller, holding their breath, perched on their highest heels and platforms at 8 am...I lived Ugly Betty everyday, all the way.

I would march into the terrifying world of fashion, looking like a blown up Guinea pig, and a wet one too! I used to cycle everywhere, so either I'd sweat a little, or I was drenched from the rain. Luckily the bike got stolen eventually, so I was a dry Guinea pig again.

I was a soldier, like Katie liked calling us. I used to rearrange for hours"the coffin",IE the fashion wardrobe. I loved it, it was bigger than where I lived, only filled with clothes, shoes and beautiful stuff...

Alike possibly 30 thousand million of Ri fans, Its got to be said, this video blows my mind.
 It reminded me of my meagre attempt to please my friend by dancing to a Jay-Z beat in a brand new swimsuit at my father's in the countryside. 

At night, sober and perched in the middle of no where, we had to find solutions to entertain each other...I'm not too sure what and who triggered the idea, but for all I know, I'd do anything to please my friend. 

Perhaps its not quite the same glamorous outcome as Ri's video, but it was a fun dance. The heart and effort went into it.

 This is the Bruce Weber collage for a Faberge Egg, which is a marvel as expected from one of the most legendary and recognisable photographers of the XXI st century. 

This egg, is fun, playful, humorous, and ultimately delightful. - It radiates positiveness Kitty Kate, the ultimate dazzling mermaid is fresh as May's Lily's of the Valley.

I fed the sex dolls I was sent from the nicest store in Pigalle, some Petrossian Caviar for our up-and-coming issue of AÏE magazine. 

Beforehand I had jumped on a flight to London, to meet and greet a few friends. There is no meeting possible without your hands looking fine as Fxxxx - and the only place, where nail/glam happens is inevitably at the famous Wah nails.
All hand made, all 100 % talent from the girls at the nail bar.

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