Sunday, March 30, 2014



I have to lend all my respect to Nike, and I have to give it to my Love's imagination, for fun nights.

 My sandals make me run, climb, dance, and escalate the city of love. My love and I roamed the city on his scooter and at every obstacle he was seduced by, at every architectural structure he wanted to photograph, we stopped, and I had to strike a pose on demand. Being pissed helped release the monkey inside me, and ultimately I did reach for fences, benches, petrol station poles...

 Its just got to be pointed out, all rise for Nike's team of brilliant engineers. I recall one of my first light Nike's in the summer of 2012. They were so light I could had run the NYC marathon, were it not for my lack of well being, will power, and desire. But I did run NYC in fact, and for so many miles too, by the Hudson river that summer. I even climbed traffic lights. I recall being impressed at myself, and worshipping the shoes that at last were so brilliantly designed that it felt like a divinity had sowed wings on my feet.

Its a wonderful life, earth is a marvellous place at times with a future interview with Drew Carolan.xx

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