Friday, January 3, 2014


I was a teenager when a member of my family frequented Frankie Rayder. When the supermodel would do the shows in Paris in the late 1990's, she would call my folks, see if I wanted to attend backstage.
My parents were for once united in these situations. It was for the best, as I'd inevitably run away if they chose to deprive me from such fun. 

For a week, twice a year, I would not even be able to type - SCHOOL - I was gone. My dreams became my reality. I'd chill at the Hotel Costes, (which then was TPTB), and received TLC from Frankie, Gisele, Carmen, Missy... passing by in Frankie's suite. 

I don't smoke weed because it doesn't work for me - at ALL.  When you're faced to Rayder, you stay away from blunts, for your brain switches of, and you want to avoid the utterly embarrassing scenario - like losing you're cool, you're so stoned.

Only Frankie could smoke blunts, and look hot as hell even with cotton mouth!! It was insanely unfair to be faced to such perfect beauty.

 I was 14 and very impressed, so I gave in, and smoked, and YES - made an impression at diner time - I didn't utter a word...

 However I was blessed, I didn't have acne, but to top it all of, I was going through my rude boy style fase, which had all my family twisted in laughter. (All kitted head-to-toe in Ralph Lauren sweatpants and my fisherman's cap). Only I understood myself I suppose. 

Even the young doormen of the Costes would roll their eyes mocking me by murmuring"Versailles en Force..." ( It stuck to me to this day)

foot note

"En Force" means "in strength"- We refer to " 93 en force" like N.W.A would refer to "Straight out of  Compton" 
In the 1990's the 93 district, outside of Paris was the nest of french rap group  NTM - (NIQUE TA MÈRE ( fuck your mother) which became as iconic as Compton nowadays.

Frankie puffing away...

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