Friday, November 15, 2013


As often AÏE's hustling to defend, protect and showcase the best artists that surround us, for they add that touch of beauty and magic essential to life. To think otherwise would be seeing the glass half empty.

I'm not trying to be philosophical, but simply believe and achieve what you got to do.
 These jewellers are doing just that. Whether old or young, their mastery in handling stones is exceptional.

Special love to Victoire de Castellane for designing special pieces that make my head go round round and round...  

Tears and laughters were needed, when trying to make this still life based on Sweat look legit.

Fred rings all over 

Bathing the iconic Panther

Sporting for a minute 87K worth of jewels. 
We calculated...AÏE.(ouch)

60€ worth of Tropical fruit.

71Perfume by Comme-des-Garçons

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