Wednesday, November 13, 2013


At Paris Photo its a full on shower of photography culture that is fascinating, thrilling and inviting. I'm not a fine connoisseur, but getting there I hope.I defined with my genuine naivety, a selection of inspiring photography works, and the discoveries of stupendous talents, essential to this life which made my day.

Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson and the other imminent members shot by Willy Rizzo are exhibited. 

Irvin Penn - Football face New-York 2002

This huge portrait of what seems to be a fisherman is stunning. I stared at the portrait for the longest time. We're all major admirors of Philip Lorca DiCorcia's work.

Below, I didn't retain the author of this photograph but its worth the detour.

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan 1980
I love this photograph, it reminds me of a lady Tarantula spider, like the one's we could see in freak shows.
There is also, not shown here stunning photographs by Guido Mocafico of a mygale spider. Its astonishing. The stand is all black, therfore its hard to render its beauty by taking a picture.

I was torned between exhiliration and emotions seeing Slater's work exhibited. It had been a while since I had not given Slater a thought, despite having collaborated with the artist. This creased portrait all painted with gold felt pens is simply startling. Its rewarding knowing you've helped an artist build a future estate.

As Philippe Starck said: "We can't all be geniuses, but everyone must participate" 
 I feel I did my duty for Slater.

Me back in the days in New York City by Slater Bradley.

The family Album of Lucybelle by Ralph Eugene Meatyard 1970's is so brilliant, my favourite series at Paris Photo.
This series of photographs reminds me of Harmony Korine's film Trash Humpers. Him and wife wear masks representing old people. 

The finale, a stand dedicated to Roxane Lowit, a joyfull smack of the naughty nineties before your eyes...Kate we love you forever.

I think Jim Goldberg is a gem too.

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