Thursday, August 22, 2013


We landed on a semi-deserted island just next to Formentera by zodiac. Boats can't approach for its a protected natural reserve. 
When the tide is low, you can walk from the island to Formentera, we decided to go wild on the sand dunes.

Its fun and relaxing running naked on sand dunes, even sex doesn't come this fun. Well that is questionable you may argue...
I can't recall experiencing this feeling of symphony with nature. 

The smoothest crystal white sand, close to baby powder on your skin, feels like a cat stroke. Ibiza is tolerant with the likes of people like me, one lives half naked harmoniously, its not a topic, its normality. I removed the little I had on, and my BFF's sought it was amusing the way I was purring, turning and tossing around in ecstasy on the silky sand.

BFF's is an acronym I'll admit, because I'm lucky enough to have two Best Friends Forever. No judgement is made over my behaviour whether right or wrong. They captured this moment, and after, seeing how pleasurable it seemed, they nearly ate the sand. 
we'll camp on it next year! 
Little images are of them, as they're all nude.

Alone...The price I pay, for the life I choose.

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