Sunday, August 25, 2013


So...Following the tradition of Carpe Diem, making the most of the present, and in other words, "Fxxx tomorrow", I invited the artist Safia Bahmed to chill on my bed. 

This bed helped me through my illness. 
I was given heavy meds this past winter to fight the pain. 
What they did, is put me to sleep.
As the luckiest person that I am, my mother saved the day. 
She purchased - THE most confortable matress in the world. 
No 5 star hotel linen beats my bed. 
Its the toastiest place on earth, its my coffin. 

Since I'm alive, and well, I wanted to reiterate the pain, as a good masochist that I am, but through a tattoo. 
I asked Safia to seal on my flesh, for ever, the skeleton my mom drew in pre-school in her native Medellin, Colombia.

Safia Bahmed, isn't as cool as I thought, she's way smarter than that. A self tought tattooist, a brilliant illustrator, an interesting publisher, with books signings taking place from Soho House Berlin to Artcurial Paris...She's got that art DNA we like.

 Safia is a walking body of art. Fancy having little peroxide blond  riding hood knock on my door. Fancy having those long lashed eyes gaze into your veins as she tatoo's you. Safia came to Versailles, and it was a mild revolution.  

I like that her appearance is a little strange and sexy, and most importantly I love that you have to focus to listen to her husky voice. She's a bird, fragile and mesmerising, but above all her artwork is great. Long live Safia Bahmed-Schwartz.

Sebastian, my beloved crab.

Of course, my treasured partner, Erin Conry Webb was invited for a drink, capture the moment and discuss AÏE 5.
She's the mastermind behind the label Nour Hammour, that has le tout hollywood lately requesting bespoke jackets. 

This afternoon, was like a family affair, a women's business driven by the passion for art, build on trust and ambition. 
Erin Conry Webb, is a gem that puzzles me. Über driven, high speed flow of ideas whilst executing them. To the point I have to rest on my coffin to integrate it all.

This is my mother's house, and its called L'Orangerie White-Palacio. She is going to crucify me. You do not mess with a Colombian mother.

Discussing life and business in my bed, felt a little like Marlon Brando in the Godfather.

Sebaaaaastian... The skeleton...

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