Monday, July 8, 2013


Well that was fun. 
Getting hurt basically. Yesterday, I couldn't think of a better place for a meeting, than the skate park at La Porte Dauphine in Paris. The director Loup Garcin and I climbed the arrow edged fence, risking to be impaled on one, as the park was obviously closed. Anyhow the outcome once you've overcome the danger, was fun, though Loup was full of sorrow observing my perseverance...

 Attempting to perform what hard working athletes do, specially if you've chosen wine to heal the pain, isn't the brightest choice. Thinking that you have a good grab on a sense of gravity, or equilibrium when you drink & skate is one big lie. Only the few hand picked gods manage to get waisted and still excel, for the ordinary man, you're sense of balance equals to nil. 
However If you're a good masochist and you like sacrifice, its a lot of fun. Bruises, cuts, and burns on you're elbows, knees and head will be your morning glory. 

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