Friday, June 28, 2013


Sometimes, you got to keep it simple. 

L'artiste Gordon Flores, one of the most admirably kind and talented person I've come across. 

Well yesterday was fun at Louis Vuitton menswear show. Once again, Kim Jones maneuvered with panache the hard task of making menswear desirable, innovative and frankly - cool. The looks made all the geezers look on their Sunday best, and for the casual fella, the boy scout inspiration that transpired made all the girls want to join!! 

Gordon Flores and Diane Pernet, (naughty pupil!!) I'll have to keep the little inside story to myself, and laugh on my own. 

Mes deux amours, Tiffany Godoy and Gordon Flores.

The legendary Marc Fraser Cooke and I sweating at the Louis Vuitton show, inside the green house at Le Parc André Citroën.

Le decor

Le garçon...Cole Mohr

The model and artist Cole Mohr with the photographer Magnus Unnar, possibly longing desperately to go back to N.Y.C by now.

Beauté...Tiffany Godoy.

Les filles !! Catherine Baba et Tiffany Godoy

The Master...Panos Yiapanis

Tiffany sporting my hat by Maison Michel, as we were all pimping it in Fraser's car.

Non mais Paris...Please

Paris se refait une beauté. A little view from the Valentino showroom. That little Fedex truck looks so cute.

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