Sunday, June 9, 2013

I was minding my own business; and my friends of course at the Cafe de Flore. I was exhilarated by the new waiter, a look-a-like Gomez Adams. We were enjoying the third bottle of Chablis, and loving Pierre Le-Tan's illustration on the bottle. 

Sophia, Tiffany, Christophe and I were taking, making rumbles of laughter's, chain smoking evidently...When suddenly a wind of wisdom passed by. Like eagles, silent and royal, David Lachapelle and Daphne Guinness walked by. 
Statistically the chances of shaking hands with the master and the belle passed Cinderella time, is one in a million.

I'm a shameless, self-confessed fashion aficionado. My shyness had vacated, though even sober I don't care much for rejection, but I do debate with my friends, whether its lame or OK to request a hand-shake. My friends were pretty unanimous.
 "That is lamish Alex."But the Chablis retorted."Just do it."

 As I interrupted their walk, the assistant/friend asked who I wanted to meet. WHO ? WHO do I want to meet ?!! Well its pretty obvious no? Mr LaChapelle! (Literally in this tone, the Chablis had given me too much bravery). 
However, I related to the friend/assistant moment of doubt. After all Mme Guinness was Mr LaChapelle chaperon, looking like the standard Oscar winner or the Met Ball belle we're used to. 

I've met Daphne and wished I'd combed her locks. Mlle Guinness took 40mn for AÏE 3. We met in her suite, I mean HER suite at The Ritz, and she opened barefooted. (Magic...!). 
She did her own hair and make-up in front of me, no one can get it as well as she builds it. 

Daphne Guinness and David Lachapelle's collaboration

Tupac Shakur by David Lachapelle

Alexander Mc Queen (RIP) & Isabella Blow (RIP) by David Lachapelle

Naomi Campbell by David Lachapelle

Devon Aoki by David Lachapelle

David Lachapelle, AÏE, and Daphne Guinness

Excerpt of Daphne Guinness in AÏE 3. The portrait is by my friend and contributor Ara Starck.

Below is Daphne's portrait interpreted by my friend and F**** brilliant illustrator Luke Waller

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