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Death would be no trouble for me,  as I've styled Paz de la Huerta and the legendary photographer Bunny Yeager art directed this shoot. Miss Yeager who is responsible for the below, had the chance to give one last time her view on the contemporary pin-up, sex kitten, mesmerising actress, artist and model - Paz de la Huerta for the cover of AÏE magazine Issue 5

The above is Bettie Page, who made Bunny's career take off - or perhaps was it the other way round. It is fare and true to underline that most likely Bunny Yeager gave Bettie's career that extra push from the start.

  Miss Yeager is the epitome of the Miami girl; iconic like Scarface, Julio Iglesias, the sun, the palm trees and the fun Latin artists that make Miami so colorful, tropical, unique and apparently quite uninteresting to some Caucasians...though Bruce Weber, Iggy Pop and a few masters seem to see the prettiness of Miami.

 Now its Bunny's time to shine.
 After having been unconsidered for decades, as hardcore porn moguls were invading the market in the 1970's, Bunny's images no longer fitted the fashion. She didn't show pussy, ass or crude full on nudity which sells like hot cakes. 

Miss Yeager retired for having integrity, style, and an incommensurable sense of sheen light that she was not ready to compromise on. Not knowing really how to survive in the harsh and brutal pace of technology and mass / fast communication, Miss Yeager sold archive images for a price you wished you had caught on.

A couple of years ago a German galerist Helmut Schuster was savouring his coffee whilst reading the local newspaper. He read  Bunny had a little gallery. Instead of boarding his flight to Berlin, he drove to her, knocked on her door...But no Bunny to be seen.


Until she gave in, and opened cautiously her archive a few month later. By then the rest was history, the Schuster gallery bought the estate, and the rights to all her archive, everything is being re-printed, the Rizzoli book is out. A solo exhibition is taking place, the cover of AÏE will be hers, the launch of a swimwear line is in the making, and Bunny is savouring this revival...

 Paz & moi

Bunny, Lucy ( photographer's assistant) and Ed her agent

Bunny Yeager and Bettie Page

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