Saturday, February 2, 2013

WOOPWOOP !! What a wise kid, and what a thorough collector I am. As I'm digging into the archives... whoop whoop !! I found this issue of Interview, conducted buy Miss Sischy (March 1999). It even has a poster of Kate for CK jeans !!!! The interview is a gazillion time funnier and true to her, than the commercial piece in Vanity Fair a couple of month ago. All the media frenzy over it was far-fetched. It was long and aside for one juicy tail, boring. How could Kate's life be anything BUT boring when she's lived as many cat's life's, surrounded by the bloody coolest of the coolest from dawn to dusk...!! and which she "Mossed", as they say. Being Mossed, is partying for days on, as Kate won't let you go - Of course ...I should know ;)

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