Sunday, February 3, 2013

This is what I did at the coolest crochet lesson Paulina Leonor conducts. During those winter nights, where you only want to cosy in cashmere, and silk, try knitting.
Until the reality of a home à la Ralph Lauren comes, I'll just have to do with cotton. By the way the balls of wool are OrgAnIc. 

Paulina Leonor comes from a very high aristocratic fashion background. Their DNA like the acronym suggests, stands for: Do Not touch Animals. So the wool we use is organic, and so we know the sheep are OK. 

I would consider venturing in one of her rare winter classes, usely orchestrated in an IT Parisian hidden spot. 
If you're really hopeless, you have the option of entertaining Paulina, or Bibi her alter-ego, but also her cat. You can chat up some boys that attend, chill with the girls, drink champagne...Whilst doing just that, you really think I had time to do this !!
( See below... ;)

I put the letters together ! Paulina is all about Peace/Love& Harmony

I do try...

I do wear Paulina's bikini top in the winter...

I do flaunt it...

When I Paulina comes from a family that used to have Brandy on their runway...

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