Saturday, February 9, 2013

I created this dress from beads and crystals we sourced at a crazy bead shop in San Francisco. This was THE bead shop, with slight differences from ordinary one's. It was a bead shop, where day care center meets RSPCA. There were kitties, beads, five year old looking drawings scattered all over. The rummaging around with the kitties was Fxxx awesome.

Then we went into downtown San Francisco at BRITEX fabrics, and my passion for patches began there. I'm a patchoholic, I gather them from all four corners of the world. ( Britex is THE best fabric shop - pricey though). Once I had my toys, and tools, I sat in the car, I shut it. I began sowing, listening to my other half,  passing through empty fields, and dirt roads, until we arrived at Big Sur lodges.

Plastic is fantastic !

Black feather trimmings. My mother says I look like Wednesday Adams. Not that I mind, but has she seen the film? Wednesday would not be caught dead with a heart.

PATCH-ATTACK on an Alexander Wang denim & leather jacket. I recycled this patch, which belonged to a Levi's jumper from their so claimed "Levi's Vintage collection" - I'm delighted about the rebirth of this patch and of the jacket, as it was as boring as Host.

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