Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coming back on this feature we produced on Manish Arora, time often tells that one's decision aren't perhaps always sane ones. Endorsing his collection, and enduring this shoot was without a shadow of a doubt - Madness. 

Manish could well be an exotic character, but first and foremost he's a designer, whose craftsmanship seemingly comes from another planet. Its close to couture, yet its labelled as ready-to-wear. But for practical purposes Manish's design can be stamped as anything BUT ready-to-wear. 

Just the process of figuring out which way it goes in and out, or up or down, you've missed the point of the garment, and your appointment. 
I had the opportunity of sizing for a day what models go through by endorsing his collection.

 To make it happen, you've got to love that small reflection in the camera, have a major dash of courage and optimism, like the acting and the drama, and own the patience of a monk. All these elements will be necessary to overcome, the consequence that lie at the end of the journey. Those cramps you'll get, are unquestionably, unforgettable.


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