Monday, January 21, 2013


MY NAN -  I Love you Phillis Wilson White - You were the best, the one and only smarty pants. Witty, classy nanny, and sweetest war nurse.

My beloved friend, she is the top of pops of my female heroes. 

Growing up with Tamara at school, was a misfortune but then again a fortunate thing. I only regret not gathering more clichés of her. Tamara was the most beautiful creature the Lycee International de Saint Germain-en-laye had in the 1990's, I stayed in the same school for 15 years so I should know. 
ALL the boys heart sank as she walked by, and ALL the girls would have traded their realities for Tamara's.

Tamara was my everyday heartbeat, I loved watching her, but she would frustrate the fuck out of me. Why...Why was she so darn perfect!! Not only was she stunning, the girl had straight A's throughout the whole entire Lycee days: Felicitation, Felicitation, Felicitation at each school term - Once again I should know, as I was appointed to delegate the class, in order to be in the deans good books !!

To top it all of she lived in Paris, unlike the rest of us, doomed to the suburbs. She lived in the 16th district, in a fuck off huge palace, she had 4/5 brothers and sisters, all gorgeous, but she had undeniably the lead in beauty, and her neighbour, was no other than Carole Bouquet...Birds of a same feather flock together I  guess.

On top of it all Tamara was annoyingly smart, countless scouts would stop us in the street, and she would very courteously decline the offer, which was once from Ford, another time from Marilyn Model management...and I'd watch the opportunities of endless miles of travel go to flames.

This is Tamara, at a stage she nearly gave in to Elite.

My another muse...

Kate & MG as usual

Kate in trouble 

Troubled Kate

Miss Khan - woooop woooop style

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