Monday, January 21, 2013


MG drew this shoe because I was obsessed with these Tom Ford shoes, and they were so expensive, Mark wanted to destroy the window display in New York.

Study for the painting at my mom's. Its supposed to be three mermaids, my Sister, Moi and my Mom.

My Dad, Jonathan Edward Birchall-White AKA Mr Stingy !! Dad is tight, its got to be said. Very accurate portrait by M.Gonzales.

Us in my dream car, though a Porshe Panamera does not look like this really.

OHHH - But I do like a Ferrari.

The classic birds.

My cat...I guess.

MG's dream skatepark.

Our potential dog on a skateboard.

and the note that accompanies it at the back.

M.Gonzales circa May 2012

Self portrait I'm assuming by M.G - 
This was originally a project for the Marseille mass event this April

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