Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its pretty daunting discovering after a years of work, that your treasured art director, is MAJOR.
 Realising what a fxxx genius the man is, does set you back a little. Not that I ever doubted his skills, but who can be THIS cool of a person, DO this kind of installations, and NOT have an ego.

Kleber Matheus, has, I'm afraid all the reasons to have an ego. When your shit is at the MOMA in NYC, the MOCA in L.A, the Whitney Museum in NYC, the MOT in Tokyo, at The Tate Liverpool, without mentioning former Deitch gallery, you start addressing to him with another tone. The list goes on, I haven't tackled the Biennials, or his Rizzoli book. 

And once everyone saw what he did with AVAF (Assume Vivid Astro Focus), doyenne of our fashion cosmos, Madame Rei Kawakubo, thought it would be a wise idea to commission Kleber for Comme-des-Garçons's own manifesto !!!

And once Madame Kawakubo thought he was the chief to place a bet on, Jil sander, Petronio associates, Umberto Leon, thought :
-" Wait a minute, I want a Neon, and I want it now"

And all this time Kleber worked for AÏE magazine - No wonder we were a little late, but all this time, he never mentioned a word of it. If that's not called humility, pinch me.

Kleber Matheus, is a genius and neon's obey his every wish. Through the means of digital tools, and other modern technologies, K.Matheus has impressed more than we can count.

For the Marseilles mega mass Euro gathering, since the city is destined to be THE European city 2013, Kleber Matheus will reside there to execute another one of his installations.

This time the person backing his vision, is no other than designer turn curator, turn patron of contemporary artists - Agnès.b.

I've come to the conclusion that K. Matheus aside from lending his brainwaves in art direction, is an artist whose talent is real, fresh and cool, and he's made me love his Neon's more than Tracey Emin's !! 


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