Thursday, January 31, 2013

George Condo, it goes without saying, is a "must-have", or a "dream on owning"contemporary artist. I can't come up with any other terms, Its simple, George Condo is the greatest. My mother hates him, so does my very close entourage, but they're rubbish critics !! ;)

Who doesn't want a Picasso-esque orgy with an allusion to cartoons, with chicks that look as sizzling as Jessica in Roger Rabbit ?! 
All with the precision that only Renaissance masters knew too well how to handle.

George Condo, is the kind of artist, I would place my pride in my pocket, for a drawing of his.
Here are a few sketch's from around 2007. In New York at the moment there is a show at an obscure super high class gallery, I'm not that familiar with - I'll fly by in the spring to assess the master.

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