Monday, December 3, 2012

Ryan Mc Guinness 2004 - I was sent this postcard with his autograph on it.
I still look at it after nearly a decade, and believe its a pretty tight signature.
This book was made in London around that time.

Michel Parent from M.I.T ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
An inventor, creator, and visionary. 25 years ago, he build the prototype of the future electric car.
The one's we see in the cities. Sides walks are turning into mini 
"battery charging stations" for all the users of electric cars. He's the thought , the mentor behind today's progress. He does believe in 30 years they'll be NO cars in the cities...Now that is pushing it...No Lambo's, Porshe's, Maserati's, Merco's, Benzo's, Aston Martin's...What are rapper going to rap about ? Mini testosterone deprived electrical vehicles ?

Drawing for my muse...
(click to enlarge)

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