Sunday, December 2, 2012

2009 Slater Bradley - Brooklyn - NYC. Winter of 2009, freshly of the boat in NYC, from a broken heart in London/ I left tears, drugs and sorrows for a steady life at the big apple.

Helmut Newton 

Heidi - Franky Rayder - 1999 at the Hotel Costes. No matter how pretty you think you are, no matter how hard you try to be cool, its hard fulfilling your self-esteem when faced to this shooting star. I recall getting stoned with Heidi, and I could not take my eyes of her. Weed never suited me, yet I didn't completely become paranoid as Heidi was so human too. I turned-up at the hotel kitted head to toe in a the suburban gangster look of the 1990's or a wannabe CAÏRA, as we say in France. CAÏRA is slang - for rude girl or rude boy.

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