Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Near Joshua tree, in California U.S.A, after 4 hours drive from L.A, now in the dark aiming for a renowned rave, our friend - gently getting little by little higher and higher, spotted this famous mountain. Legend wants that a hermit kindly ornate's this mount for the pleasure of the rare yet determined passer-by, loser, fighter, nomad, criminal, lover, escapee, mobster... Its full of biblical inscriptions and references - I think, in the dark it was hard to tell -  Its full of colors, full of life and is supposed to be a hippy get together, so its all Peace - Love and Harmony;) Though the majority were already tripping on whatever mushroom muffin they had ingested, I thought it was so spooky I ran out of my pants into the car !! 

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